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Village Church Farm

Dare you join Phantasmic Paranormal as we take part in our first ever paranormal investigation at the Farm House, Skegness.

The Farmhouse at The Village Church Farm was built in 1760 making it the second oldest building in Skegness. The original name of the Farmhouse was Holly House and it was then changed to Farm House in 1890.

 The original tenants in 1776 were the Enderby family and they were tenants of the Earl Scarborough. In 1849. The tenant was a farmer called John H.W Grantham who was a successful cattle farmer.

 In later years the 9th Earl of Scarborough sold much of the surrounding land for houses, with the farm escaping much of the sale.

During the war years the farm was used for training purposes and accommodation for the soldiers in aid of the war effort. Could it be the soldiers haunting this building?

The Village Church Farm contains many wonderful historic buildings such as the 18th century farmhouse, mud and stud cottage, barns and some wonderful grounds including the village green, which we are available to investigate for the first time ever.

We learned that items go missing and then bizarrely turn up at a later time, certain parts of the main building are said to leave some of the staff feeling uneasy and feelings of been watched. Staff have reported hearing children's voices and the sound of footsteps in empty rooms. 

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