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Park Hotel Morecambe

The abandoned Park Hotel in Morecambe is immense with many rooms to investigate including creepy corridors, servants quarters, cellars and old hotel bedrooms.  Step back in time and view life as it was before this huge creepy hotel was left abandoned. 

Many areas have never been investigated, will we find new areas? 

There are reports of hidden staircases, an elaborate library and a magnificent observatory The Abandoned Park Hotel has six floors to investigate. 

This formidable hotel dating back to the Victorian Era was once a thriving hotel to the rich and famous and in latter years for the holidaymakers who once flocked to Morecambe,  when it closed many years ago it was literally just left abandoned.  

Most of the furniture is left intact with the many pictures still taking pride of place on the walls.  

There is a distinctive feeling as if you are constantly being watched who or what will we find?

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