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Mill Street Barracks

Mill Street Barracks

Built in 1861 Mill Street Barracks in Liverpool is steeped in military history as well as local history. It has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its  life involving numerous wars. Like many other barracks it has also been used as a  morgue during several world wars.


Apparitions of lost soldiers have been spotted walking in the building and poltergeist activity has been reported.

ghostly figures of nurses and nuns have also been documented by many ghost hunters along with a very friendly spirit with wandering hands where the ladies are concerned has manifested itself on many occasions this is just some the recorded paranormal activity recorded at The Mill Street Barracks.


The three main spirits most commonly seen at The Mill Street Barracks are as follows.

Jack - Mainly sighted and heard on the upper level of the barracks, particularly by the ladies. Old Jack's history has not yet been fully discovered.


The Angry Man - In the highest room in the building's old accommodation block, this man has tried to push people down the stairs, and succeeded in pushing them into walls. 


Nuns and Nurses are seen often carrying on with their duties as if undisturbed from prying eyes.

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