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Knottingley Town Hall

Join us for a overnight ghost hunt at Knottingley Town Hall.

The Hall was built in 1865 and stands on a an ancient Medieval Monastery until King Henry VIII closed them all down in the dissolution of Monasteries in 1541.

With various rooms to investigate and the cellars that were used as a temporary morgue after a freak accident in 1943 will you brave an investigation with Phantasmic Paranormal?

There are reports of a lady who haunts the hall who is said to have lost her life on the staircase, WWII servicemen who died during a freak accident and also a young boy who wanders the corridors. There have also reports that a coven practising dark witchcraft at this location many years ago. 

Will you experience the ghostly children, the touches by unseen hands, the familiar growls of the malevolent spirit that send shivers down your spine or the lady who haunts the staircase.

Will you be brave enough for a lone vigil inside the cellar? 

hot and cold beverages and light snacks are included 

Time of event 9pm - 2am 

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